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The purest, natural ingredients

Just two ingredients. All the health benefits we can muster.
No Preservatives
We know you care about what you put in your body. And when you’re craving the comfort of a warming mug of rich drinking chocolatey goodness, you still want it to be a healthy choice.

Canopy Cocoa contains just two natural ingredients – pure cocoa powder and unrefined rapadura sugar. We use only the ripest cocoa fruits for a divine taste experience.  The minimal processing helps them retain the natural minerals and health benefits so you can enjoy guilt-free indulgence.

Pure Amazon cocoa

We source delicious ripe cocoa from deep in the Amazonian Forest from two co-ops run by indigenous peoples
Cocoa is rich in the antioxidants, vitamins and minerals found naturally in the cacao bean
Only Amazonian cocoa can claim to be free of cadmium, a harmful heavy metal found in the soil of other cacao producing areas

Unrefined rapadura sugar

Our organic sugar cane plantation is located on the Jacutinga Farm which has been organic since 1986 in efforts to protect the flora and fauna
Rapadura is the rawest form of sugar. We don’t process at high temperatures so the natural nutrients are retained
It has a low GI (glycaemic index) and is high in antioxidants and essential vitamins like A, B1, B2, B6, niacin and iron

Ethical & sustainable practices

We help communities protect the precious Amazon rainforest.
Ethically Sourced
Rainforest Alliance Certified
The Amazon rainforest is under threat from illegal deforestation, animal traffickers and illegal mining. Isolated indigenous communities and unique flora and fauna are in danger.

Many indigenous communities and cooperatives harvest the natural cacao under the Amazon’s canopy to sustainably bring income to their communities. But illegal loggers chasing big payoffs with minimal risk of punishment are destroying the habitat and displacing people from their land. Here’s how you can help.

Why we all need to act to protect the Amazon and its people

As the world’s largest carbon dioxide sink, we all need to think about how we can protect the Amazon to mitigate climate change.
Our choices can support sustainable farming practices to build resilient, thriving cocoa communities and forests for the future.

How you can help protect the Amazon

We support communities to maintain their traditions and culture by purchasing their produce at a fair price.
We empower and strengthen them to keep the forest alive and intact for generations to come.
We ensure there’s no child labour in our supply chain.
Choosing ethical products casts your vote to support an economically viable, environmentally friendly and socially responsible future.

Guilt-free indulgence

Make a conscious choice. Look after yourself, others and the planet.
Canopy Cocoa is the perfect choice for health-conscious, ethical consumers. No more feeling guilty about indulging in the comfort of a delicious, warming drinking chocolate...  Canopy Cocoa has many health benefits, plus you know you’re supporting indigenous farmers to protect the Amazon rainforest. Winning!

Ever wondered why drinking chocolate makes you feel so good?

Serotonin: Drinking chocolate releases this mood-controlling hormone that can boost happiness and help you sleep better
Endorphins: Indulging in a mug of drinking cocoa makes your brain release feel-good chemicals, arguably as good as the high you get after exercise, laughing or sex!

Our process

Canopy Cocoa: starts with a conscious choice and finishes with a decadent, healthy drinking chocolate experience.
The beginning:
Canopy Cocoa grows natively, deep in the Amazon jungle. Local indigenous farming families and co-ops tend and replenish crops.
Ripe cocoa:
Indigenous farmers harvest delicious fruit and are paid fairly for their produce. There is gender equality and no child labour.
Rapadura sugar:
Four generations of sugar cane farmers have passed knowledge and skills through their family to create the best produce available.
Our minimal processing:
By limiting the processing of our raw ingredients, we retain the healthy, naturally occurring vitamins and minerals.
The final product:
Carefully combined and placed into eco-friendly, fully recyclable packaging, our cocoa is available through cafés, retailers and our online store.
Happiness in a mug:
Nothing beats a rich, healthy drinking chocolate as the ultimate comfort food. Grab a good book or a special friend, find a cosy nook and luxuriate in guilt-free indulgence.

Our story

Meet Marcelo, Founder, Canopy Cocoa
‘The Amazon is almost the size of Australia, and it’s more important than any other forest in the world for climate regulation, so we should all be concerned about keeping it alive.’ MARCELO BRUSSI

Marcelo Brussi started his ethical sourcing journey when he founded the sustainable green bean coffee company Minas Hill. For the past decade, he’s worked tirelessly to build long-term, ethical relationships with coffee farmers. His four core coffee-producing partners have embraced biodiversity and conservation efforts on their farms, and Minas Hill has contributed to these producers’ social and environmental campaigns at origin.

Marcelo now wants the cocoa industry to follow the lead of the coffee industry – ‘If you want sustainable coffee, why not sustainable cocoa too?’ After seeing the devastating impact of deforestation firsthand, he launched Canopy Cocoa to make a real difference.

Marcelo wants to raise awareness in Australia about the importance of ethical cocoa. By promoting a more conscious and sustainable way to produce, purchase and consume cocoa, he hopes to make a better future for his family and the planet.

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