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Canopy Cocoa best drinking chocolate in Australia
  • Divine drinking chocolate

    Satisfy your conscious cravings

  • Ethically sourced ingredients

    Support farmers to protect the Amazon

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  • Pure Amazonian cocoa

    Vegan, all-natural, gluten free

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Looking for a delicious, healthy and ethical drinking chocolate?

Your unforgettable drinking chocolate experience starts with a conscious choice. 
Made from the finest Amazonian cocoa and unrefined rapadura sugar, Canopy Cocoa benefits its farmers, our planet and your body.
Two natural ingredients. Packed with antioxidants, essential vitamins and minerals
Sustainable income empowers local communities to protect the Amazon
Our exquisite drinking chocolate is pure, guilt-free happiness in a mug

Our process

Canopy Cocoa: starts with a conscious choice and finishes with a decadent, healthy drinking chocolate experience.
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