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Our Cocoa - sustainable and cadmium-free

Published: September 17, 2022

Our Cocoa - sustainable and cadmium-free

Supporting small-farmers’ cooperatives and families sharing passion for the forest and using non-toxic farming practices to preserve their environment.

Our cocoa grows through an agroforestry system under the trees, preserving the forest, protecting the fauna and flora, and in cooperation with other agricultural crops including banana, babaçu, açai, Brazil nuts and cupuaçu.The raw material used in our cocoa-based products has unique features inherent from the Amazon and Atlantic forests. The cultivation of fruit trees under native forest adds excellent quality and exceptional flavour to our cocoa.We operate to establish a harmonious relationship between production, communities, environmental preservation and family farming. It empowers the producer and improves the livelihoods in their communities.

Where do we source our cocoa from?

Cocoa production in São Felix do Xingu is one of the main economic activities of the municipality, making the agroforestry based on the maintenance of the forest an important activity in a region marked by deforestation and cattle. For many local communities, family agriculture is a way of reducing the negative impact of such practices. CAMPAX is a cooperative with 200 hundred families producing cocoa among native trees, taking in consideration environmental and economic interests. CAMPAX is part of conservation programs for responsible forest management through the agroforestry production methods in alignment with family farming and forest preservation.

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