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Cocoa to save the Amazon

The Amazon is under threat from illegal deforestation, but Minas Hill Cocoa has emerged to help the communities that live off the rainforest protect their natural resource. Many Australians have heard about the rise of deforestation in Brazil’s Amazon rainforest, however in a year full of bushfires, pandemics, and lockdowns, few will have truly considered what […]

Our Cocoa - sustainable and cadmium-free

Supporting small-farmers’ cooperatives and families sharing passion for the forest and using non-toxic farming practices to preserve their environment. Our cocoa grows through an agroforestry system under the trees, preserving the forest, protecting the fauna and flora, and in cooperation with other agricultural crops including banana, babaçu, açai, Brazil nuts and cupuaçu.The raw material used […]

Rising from the ashes: We can save the amazon forest

How deforestation is affecting coffee fields in Brazil It has always been known for its superlatives. The largest rainforest on earth, harbouring the longest river system with the mightiest water flow, home to the world’s greatest terrestrial biodiversity. And now the scene of one of the gravest environmental crimes of all time, the Amazon rainforest, […]

Brazil’s coffee fields impacted by the Amazon deforestation

Brazilian environmental activist José Truda Palazzo Jr says that Brazil’s coffee industry has been heavily impacted by the deforestation of the Amazon Rainforest, which has already been reduced by 20 per cent. One challenge is the severe droughts caused by the end of the “flying river”, which previously saw large volumes of water vapour transported […]

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